Testimonials of Dr Abdul Majid Mashriqi

An international scholar of Islam says,

"Prof.Dr Abdul Majid Mashriqi tries to convey the message of Islam in simple versification. I personally appreciate this beautiful effort

Dr. Muhammad Thir-ul-Qadri (Tehrik-e-Minhaj-ul-Qur'an)

The president of Pakistan says,

"I cordially appreciate the effort of Prof.Dr Abdul Majid Mashriqi who has produced the very first masterpiece in the field of the English poetry. I have studied only three epithets of this book. The last verse in the "Hymn"
All bow to Him, He is Lord, The world is charged with the light of God, Attracts me the most. It may be said that Qur'anic concepts are versified. Farooq Ahmad Lughari, Comments achieved through the

"Khwaja Tariq Raheem" Ex. governor Punjab

The prime minister of Pakistan says,

Of course, this is the first book on "Na`at" I have ever heard and seen. I pay heartily congratulation to Professor Abdul Majid on such a distinguished versification that is easily understandable as well as appealing.
every poem is fine but the following verse in epithet No 4 appeals my mind. God and Angels glaze Muhammad, How can we Prise Muhammad

Muhammad Nawaz shaif Comments were achieved through Imran Masood(M.P.A)Gujrat.

The Chief of Army Staff Says,

I do appreciate this laborious effort made by Mr.A Majid .I have an honour to include this book in my personal library. I find it difficult to find which one of the verse is the best. Praying for more efforts of writer

Gen kramat jahangir

An ideal politician says,

After looking in to this collection of Epithets, I bow to Almighty Allah in Gratitude because this honour is given to Pakistani Muslim. This book is written by Prof.A .Majid but I am proud of this honour. Neither in Arab countries nor in European countries, has this type of book been attempted by any Muslim poet. The most pleasing point is that Pakistan is getting this honour to present a collection of English Epithets for the very first time. I congratulate Pro.A Majid from the depth of my heart.

Malik Mearaj Khalid
Chief Rector
Islamic University Islam Abad
Comments achieved through
a common citizen of Lahore, Muhammad Ashraf.

The chief justice of Pakistan Supreme Court says,

In addition to my official job ,I take interest in Urdu and English literature .this book inspires and provokes my spiritual love that I have for my Holy prophet Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H)Some verses stir Prophet's love as,
Closing my eyes, I have seen Golden trellis, Tomb green I pray to see the fine plain Not one time again and again There is a touch of social reformation in some Epithets. On the whole this book is vary applaud able. I congratulate. Prof .A Majid on this successful effort.

Sayed Sajjad Hussain Shah.

I pay homage to prof.majid who

1. Was poor in a poor family but edified himself
2. Proved a sound support for his family.
3. Earned a good name in education.
4. Got a special reorganization in teaching..
5. Built up Al-Mashriq Taalim-ui-Quran just to please Allah.
6. Upsounded the estern civilization in our society.
7. And spread the fragrance of knowledge all around.

M.Wqar-ul-hasan (Additional secretary education Punjab)